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[English, personal] Pokémon XY ~Travel report~ II

Hello guys, and my sincerest apologies to all of you! (> _ <) It's been like 2 months since I've last written anything here.
However, I still do wanna share my adventure in Kalos with all of you! So I haven't given up with this project. Once again, I'm terribly sorry that this second part took this long. It's 50/50 'cause of my laziness and because I wasn't patient enough to actually stop and write after every gym battle I won.
So, let's try this one again, shall we?~

Since my last report, massive amount of things have happened. However, as I was too excited with the game, I've actually stopped playing my X for a whole month now. This was in order to actually do and continue with these reports before I have finished the whole game. I'll continue my playing as soon as this writing is out!

And now, let's take a look at the current situation, and what I have done [I do hope my memory serves me right now! As I don't remember some details anymore, this posting will be pic-heavy!]:
 photo IMG_4436_zps5c24b4db.jpg
The first thing is that Fahrenheit actually went and evolved! [and he will evolve second time during this posting too] Look how cute he is~ And also bit tsunderish, haha~ I tried to have Hi5' with him, but for some reason he couldn't do it anymore. Oh well. And let me tell you something. Fennekin-line isn't any more feminine than any other Monster in the series. My bishounen pal knows he's fabolous *☆
 photo IMG_4439_zps423af8a4.jpg
Next, say hello to the-now-departed-stock-member, Rankine! He's of course from Sycamore's lab. He was part of the team until recently, evolving into mighty Charmeleon, finishing up to level 25, until he was going to rest in the PC. I will train him more in the future. Thank you for your back-up, Rankine! After 2nd and 3rd gyms we also said farewell to two wonderful team members, Donna the Floette and Vivilia the Vivillon. You can still see Donna fighting with all her might in the 2nd gym though! Vivilia left to rest a bit later than Donna, leaving us during 3rd Gym instead. Thank you for your support, companions! Donna reached lv.28 while with us, while Vivilia was lv.32. I will see you again after the main adventure!

For some odd reason, I don't have any pics of my battle againts Korrinna, the 3rd leader. I can certainly say I still fought her though and ended up being victorious. But have some pics of my battles againts Grant (2nd leader) and Ramos (4th leader) instead:

 photo IMG_4471_zps85713ede.jpg  photo IMG_4473_zps40334ab3.jpg  photo IMG_4474_zps5619578b.jpg
Needless to say, Donna totally owned this gym, and I was happy to have her during this battle. Though she did have a bit hard time too [as you can see from the screenshot] but I can say that I couldn't done this without her in the team, so my sincere thanks to you, Donna!

-Imagine a battle againts Korrinna here-

If my memory serves right, it was probably the easiest gym battle so far. One of my newest team members [introduced later on] Sho, the Hawlucha sweeped his cousin with ease. I also got Lucario from Korrinna before our battle, testing the hyped Mega Evolution for the first time. I named him Luukas. [Finnish spelling of the name "Lucas"] I hope I can experience more Mega Evolution magic later in the game!

 photo IMG_4528_zps34839d91.jpg  photo IMG_4530_zpsdbf6b0d3.jpg  photo IMG_4535_zps1dfc2446.jpg
The next battle was againts this lovely veteran gardener, Ramos. You can also see a glance of the permanent team member Fuwa the Swirlix, who fought againts Kyubee-faced Jumpluff in the first round. [Fuwa and Jumpluff both have kinda same-like expression, don't they? haha] The real powerhouse during this battle was no other than Fahrenheit of course, winning all of Ramos's grass types quickly. This was one of the easiest battles, but Ramos is still quite charming with his oversized sccissors!
 photo IMG_4536_zpsdea9e5dd.jpg
One thing I must say before we advance from this garden: Oh God How I LOVE That Slide. It's so..slidy, and fun and long and aaaah~ ☆ I want to slide from slide like that for real! (>//w//<)/ I in all honesty was so excited for this slide that I just shouted "slide slide sli~~de!" for a minute before going down. I'm a child by heart I guess~

Although I did finish the 5th gym battle againts Clemont too during my playing time, let's considerate on something else for a minute, okies?~ ☆ That is, my new and permanent team members, and also showcasing Fahreinheit, now fully evolved!

 photo IMG_4443_zps50adc15c.jpg  photo IMG_4448_zps300b2d45.jpg  photo IMG_4891_zps2262fc57.jpg  photo IMG_4476_zps8aaa1921.jpg  photo IMG_4521_zps92163de2.jpg  photo IMG_4544_zps91c48c65.jpg
You already saw some of these guys in action during those gym battles!~ Going from left to right:
Fuwa, Swirlix - This cute little fellow is by no means a powerhouse member. However, she tries the best she can! I will evolve her at some point into Slurpuff but I still haven't decided when to do that. Nevertheless, she is absolutely adorable, and one of my favorite monsters from this generation!
Tera, Tyrunt - This little beast is the powerhouse. Tera is just amazing in physical power - like Tyrunt should. He sweeps anything with raw strenght, though there's one downside and that's his defense, which isn't that good. Still, this baby T-rex has the willpower to crush any boulder and opponent! I absolutely adore Tyrunt as Pokémon too, and it just might be one of my favorite monsters ever, at least the best fossil pocket monster ever created!
Sho, Hawlucha - It's probably no surprise, that I added Sho to the team since I need those wings. [It's still amazing to think how this bird just gets you in the air though] However, besides that he's also important team member. Sho is fast as ninja [although a wrestler bird] and does great fatal strikes in battle. He sweeped the fellow Hawlucha of Korrinna's with a strike! He's bit on the serious side, as you can see from the pic~
Tesla, Dedenne - I just had to get this cute little gerbile/hamster-mix in my team because it is lovely. I also happen to love the so-called "Pika Clones" since I actually have used every single of them starting from Pikachu in FireRed and Plusle/Minun combo in Emerald on my ingame teams to this day. So it's kinda of a tradition to get these electric cuties by now. ♡ Tesla is surprisingly powerful for her small size, and also quite defensive, maybe her name is an omen?
Pourbaix, Clauncher - This lively little shrimp is the latest and final addition to the team. Of course he's a Surfer. He's decent all around, and I can't wait him to evolve! Cute-cool-kind-of-guy, definitely~ [By the way, his name is pronounced as "Pourbé" or something like that, almost like Burberry pfft]
Now my team is completed and ready! Yay! ☆

 photo IMG_4543_zpsdbfedbd2.jpg  photo IMG_4542_zpse6add4e0.jpg
Last thing I did before going to this gaming hiatus in order to write this was challenging the young genius inventor Clemont! Before that we saw this Shingeki Titan  mysterious huge man that just mumbled something about flower Pokémon. [I think I might know which pokémon he is talking about] but because titans this man is scary, I left him alone to mumble by himself. I'm sure we will hear more about him in the future.
Oh, we also fought many battles with wacky Team Flare members in order to get Lumiouse City back to its full glory, damn I love their theme! The desert was frustrating though, and I was about to get lost many many many times. [I don't wanna go there again...]
After that we finally faced Clemont. And I must say, damn he was tough! I was on the edge with him, but Tesla fought bravely for me, and though slowly, we won his main partner Heliolisk and earned the badge. But I must admit, it was a bit of a struggle. Not to mention, my team was actually underleveled when we challenged Clemont. [Yes, it can happen in this game, I stopped using Exp.Share altogether after 2nd gym.]

And now we've finally reached to the point I left my game about a month ago. What now? Well, I will explore Lumiouse City now that it's fully open and continue my adventure! This time though I will report back to you guys more early on!

 photo IMG_4451_zps51eda6b4.jpg
Delphox / Fahrenheit / Male / lv.36 / Calm
Swirlix / Fuwa / Female / lv.36 / Docile
Tyrunt / Tera / Male / lv.36 / Naughty
Hawlucha / Sho / Male / lv.36 / Hardy
Dedenne / Tesla / Female / lv.36 / Quirky
Clauncher / Pourbaix / Male / lv.36 / Quiet

BADGES: Bug Badge, Cliff Badge, Rumble Badge, Plant Badge, Voltage Badge

POKÉDEX: 204 seen, 128 caught (all three Kalosdexes combined)

PLAYTIME: ~50 hours

 photo IMG_4442_zps3fad5459.jpg

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Saunders kirjoitti...

Nice text, I can relate to this because I got my 3DS two weeks ago and have been playing Pokemon X like crazy! I'm a bit further than you, so it's nice to see how you've experienced the world of X.

Personally I have liked all the gyms so far, they are really exotic and feel like quirky bases for boss battles (which they probably should be anyways!), but it's really weird that all the trainers and gym leaders have only a few pokemon while the player usually have six... I wouldn't mind a tougher fight now and then, but I guess they have toned down the battles for newer players? Hopefully Elite Four will give me a harder challenge :3

Eve kirjoitti...

Thank you for your comment!~
Yeah, the difficulty level of Pokémon games [and mind you, they've never been that challenging anyways] was lessened for this instalment, probably to get the focus of the player to exciting sightseeing and adventuring in Kalos, as well as get new, young players easily in!

It would be nice if they rose the bar for future tittle though! Let's hope for the best~ Enjoy your X!