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[English, personal] Pokémon XY ~Travel report~ I

Ilmoitus suomenkielisille lukijoille!
Osa bloggauksista [nämä raportit] ovat tästä lähin englanniksi. Aloitamme yhdessä @ScizorXD:n ja @Z:n kanssa. Kirjoitan englanniksi, koska vieraskynäilijäni ovat molemmmat USA:sta~ Heidän olisi myös tarkoitus kirjoitella tänne pelikokemuksestaan jossain vaiheessa.

~By Eve on 13/10/13~
Hi everyone!

This first post sadly doesn't have that many pics, but I try to increase the amount of pics with my second travel post.

This is my first travel report of playing Pokémon X.
My initial reaction was just insane fangirling. My room looked so pretty that I just screamed and ran for a while around my room. Then I went downstairs and noticed mom finally had a bed. Great mom!

I just had this really strong sense of wonder when I saw Kalos for the 1st time. Everything looked so different, colorful and beautiful. When I encountered Pidgey in my first Pokémon battle I had a total fangirl attack, as if I have seen Pokémon for the very first time. It looked so cute I couldn't believe it! And Pokémon moved differently, they really felt alive.

I got my starter Pokémon, Fennekin named Fahrenheit. After almost 2 hours of playing, I really hadn't done anything: playing Pokémon Amie with my new friend [which I loved!], catching Pokémon, and just having this "Oh my good this is so good!" feeling.

Today, I reached the first major city, and after catching some more Pokémon [I try to collect all the monsters in the area before I move forward] I decided to challenge the 1st Gym, and its leader Viola.

Surprisingly, Viola was a bit challenging! I struggled to find the right way in that massive spider web! The gym itself looked beautiful though.
Fahrenheit knocked out her Surskit, and for the final battle, I had to do this:

Two Vivilion in the battle! My freshly evolved Vivilia with her polar wings was quicker than Viola's, and got it down with Struggle Bug. I wouldn't say the battle was either too easy nor too difficult.

Apparently the color pattern of Vivillon is determined by where you live in the World. I know that at least Northern countries and Canada have this Polar Pattern, or as it's known officially in the games Icy Snow Pattern. That's so cool! I would love to collect all the different Vivillon, please show me if you have a different colored one!

After my successful battle, I once again collected some pokémon, got a new team member Flabébe and headed for the next city, The Paris of Kalos, Lumiose City. Here ends my first Travel report!

P.S: As a tourist who visited Paris last year, I can say that Kalos feels really France. I'm excited to re-exprience my trip in Kalos region! More France sightseeing in the next report, as I visit Lumiose!
And as always, music is amazing, and beautiful.


~ Fennekin / Fahrenheit / Male / lv.15 / Calm

~ Vivillon / Vivilia / Female / lv. 15 / Timid -possible stock member-

~ Flabébé (pink flower) / Donna / Female /lv. 13/ Gentle -possible stock member-

Bug Badge

*37 seen, 27 caught


8 hours


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[sivusto, multilanguage] Ulkoasun vaihto, first multilanguage post

Oli jo aikakin vaihtaa ulkoasu! Ja juuri vähän ennen XY:n julkaisua. Pääpokémoneina on tällä kertaa XY:n maskottilegendaariset, ja ulkoasuun on myös livahtanut pokémon jota ei ole oikeastaan vielä edes virallisesti julkistettu...
Värisävy on nyt varsin harmaa, mutta toivottavasti se ei näytä pahalta. Ulkoasu pohjaa myös hieman legendaaristen ja pelien koordinaatistoteeman ympärille.

Minulta on lähipäivinä tulossa mielipide/fiilistelypostaus uusista pokémoneista. Se ei kuitenkaan ole spoilerivapaa, eli jos et halua spoilaantua uusista pokémoneista, älä katso tulevaa postausta ennen pelien tuloa. Kirjoitan sen myös poikkeuksellisesti englanniksi kansainvälisten Twitter-seuraajieni toiveesta.

Joko odotatte innolla XY-pelejä? Minä ainakin olen superinnoissani, vaikka olenkin jo vähän spoilaantunut pelien pokéista ja hahmoista!~



A blurb for international visitors:

Hi there, and welcome to my Pokémon blog! As I promised you guys, I'm going to do a opinion post about the new Kalos Pokémon.

It will not be spoiler free however, so if you don't want to be spoiled about the new monsters, don't read it until the games are released.
I might do some additional posts in English in the future too, if you like.

Oh, I also changed the layout of the blog recently. How do you like it? Featuring Xerneas, Yveltal and one pokémon that isn't actually revealed just yet. I also played with the coordination/axis idea that these legendaries and games are based on.

Are you excited about XY? I sure am, even if I spoiled myself.

See you!